Let's celebrate!

I'm hannah, nice to meet you.

Hannah Adcox said owning a clothing store has been a long time dream of hers. She’s thought of opening one for years, then after marriage her husband gave her the confidence and inspiration she needed to make it a reality!

“My husband’s mom was in business for more than 30 years and owned women’s clothing stores. She inspired me to open my own store and it’s been the best move I’ve made. It’s challenging, but so rewarding!”

DUKES first store location opened in Tuscaloosa, AL in 2016 and then late in 2018 opened their second location in Birmingham, AL. 

The brands at DUKES are different, unique and something that you will not find a typical department store. Hannah and her team carefully select brands and designers that are new, timeless and appropriate for a variety of ages. 

“We want to make DUKES a fun environment and a great shopping experience.” Adcox says. “And we love to build relationships with our customers - they become like family.”